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The Stories That Make Us by Shawn Gale

There is something for everyone in this debut collection of nine compelling short stories. Shawn Gale demonstrates his skill in the art of storytelling.

Offering a lineup of varied, colourful characters, The Stories That Make Us spans from World War II to the present, from love to hate, and from joy to anguish—and everything in between. In this rare gem of a collection, you feel as if you’re living in the skin of its characters. And when the epiphanies come—for better or for worse—they ring like hammer blows upon the forge of life.

Gutsy, nuanced, and thought-provoking writing by an author who’s been to those dark places from which few seldom return. The Stories That Make is literary writing at its finest. It’s a contemporary collection sure to become a classic.

There is so very much…

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Abracadabra by Shawn Gale

This is a simple guide to creative writing. With that said, anyone who reads it with an open mind, whether a beginner or advanced writer, will come away with something. All the basics you need to start writing today are shared in the following pages, from plot to settings to character development and then some. I have used both historical and contemporary examples to illustrate many of the lessons, while at the same time providing my own thoughts and insights.

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