New World of Dawn: Arise – Book teaser

You can click on the image (above) to read reviews and check out the first book in the World of Dawn Series, World of Dawn: Arise at


5 thoughts on “New World of Dawn: Arise – Book teaser”

  1. Hi Shawn,
    We met at the thrift store yesterday. My Name is Rev Raymond J Pilon, I want to buy your book Arise, from you. If I order it from Amazon It will take time to get it. I would be happy to meet with you and give you one of my books ” The Quantum Love Gene(.com) Also I would like to discuss the majec tool to get past the gate keeper of a local film being co-produced by Justis Greene called Noelle. Shirley MaClaine is involved. You have my card, Did you look at my website yet? Your feed back would be very helpful and appreciated. Meeting of minds is inspiring.

    In Love & Law

    Rev Raymond J Pilon

  2. I have read the Prologue so far and have read other of Shawn’s writing. He is a highly talented writer with a great ability to paint a detailed picture placing the reader right in the scene. Look forward to reading more of “World of Dawn” in the near future!
    Christopher Sura Johnson

  3. Although I have not yet read books from his new series, I enjoyed reading his previous work “The Stories that Make Us”. This compilation of diverse short stories introduces you to quirky and complex characters with intriguing story lines. I look forward to getting to know the characters in World of Dawn as well!

    Colleen Lucas

  4. I have read Shawn’s new book and love the character and new world development. Looking forward to the second book and seeing how the heroes of the story progress. Wicked read.

  5. I bought Shawn’s first book not knowing the plot beforehand, but when I started reading it I couldn’t put it down! I sat for hours and read it right through. I am so looking forward to reading them all. I know the second book is on its way and am excited about reading it soon! Keep up the good work Shawn.

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